Born in Zürich, Switzerland.

Studied at Jazzschule Lucerne with Christy Doran and Roberto Bosshard, degree in performance, arranging and education.

Started playing guitar at age 9, played classical, rock and improvised music ever since.

Friendly critics wrote:

„...autodidactically checking out fields which remain closed to the most free-spirited free jazz musicians“ (WOZ)

„... it is guitarist Reichmuth, his playing and his writing, that really define the surprise element on this disc... It‘s the guitarist‘s concept-compositions that sets the table for the improvising and makes this short set something unique and fascinating.“ (Cadence Magazine)

Played clubs and festivals in Switzerland (Unerhört, Stanser Musiktage, BeJazz Festival...) and Europe (Germany, Russia, Baltic States). Worked for theater and dance productions (Schauspielhaus Zürich, Theater St. Gallen, freelance productions). 

Worked with :  Lucien Dubuis, Lionel Friedli, Jonas Tauber, Dieter Ulrich, Christian Weber, Herbert Kramis, Nick Gutersohn, Jan Schlegel, Gabriela Friedli, Marco Käppeli, Jürg Wickihalder, Omri Ziegele, Joke Lanz, Christoph Grab, Reto Suhner, Michael Gassmann, Sina, Christoph Gallio, Markus Schönholzer, Julian Sartorius,  Christoph Erb, Andrea Oswald, Achim Escher, Vincent Membrez, Lukas Mantel among many others.

Has taken part on Albums released on Unit Records, Altri Suoni, Veto records, Intakt Records