YR - guitar ,composition

Lucien Dubuis - bassclarinet

Silvan Jeger - bass

Lionel Friedli - drums

The YRQ has been working together for 9 years now. The musical material I write  ranges from simple structures to complex intervowen textures, drawing from jazz and rock sources. The underlying feeling of the group is one of openness to the unforeseen. The energy, mindfulness and playfulness of this group is always a major inspiration .

Press Fingertongue

Press Fractal


YR - guitar, composition

Valentin Dietrich - bass

Lukas Mantel - drums

BUG is a power Trio playing YR‘s compositions inspired by rock‘n‘roll music of the last 4 decades. punk meets Prog with excursions in ethnoesque hunting grounds, energetic  and flexible, polyrhythmic patterns and beats.


Daniel Mouton - voc

YR - guitar, elec

Improvisation structured by texts structured by sound.; loosely woven textures..


Omri Ziegele - as, badlyrics, comp

Jürg Wickihalder - ss, ts

Nick Gutersohn - tb

YR - g

Gabriela Friedli - p

Jan Schlegel - eb

Herbert Kramis - b

Dieter Ulrich - dr

Marco Käppeli - dr

The Bauer is a collective running wild every month at the WIM Zürich since 15 years. It has played at numerous festivals, theater, clubs and even farmhouses. I take part since 4 years in this fantastical and rewarding experience.

Billiger Bauer is on one hand a band that has developed over the years a very unique style of free improvisation. On the other hand , we play a lot of Omri Ziegele‘s compositions, which are based on texts by Dylan Thomas, Robert Creeley or Omri Ziegele.

There have been numerous inspiring guests playing with the Bauer, such as Oliver Lake or Tom Varner.

The latest program „Herbstlieder“ featuring singer Isa Wiss, has come out on Intakt records in 2015.